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How to Personalize Christmas Ornaments
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You may download our FREE Personalization Handbook

The Personalization Handbook gives you step by step instructions on how to personalize our Christmas ornaments. Also included are a couple of practice pages that you may print and practice your personalizing. Personalizing your Christmas ornaments is very simple to do and anyone can do it.The handbook also gives you instructions for correcting any mistakes that you may make.
It is a quick and easy way to learn.
Lot's of fun too!!

The personalization kit you receive with your opening order also includes two FREE pens to personalize with.


Click on the image to download your FREE     copy of our Personalization Handbook. Once it appears in your browser you may print it or save it to a location on your computer. We hope you have found this helpful and as always, we appreciate your feed back.

Your guide on "How to Personalize Christmas Ornaments"

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