Felix's Favorites

These are some of Felix's favorites...
For obvious reasons...

Featuring Felix the Cat & his furry siblings.
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This is just a quick video of Felix being his usual handsome self!

This is one of Leo's rare moments that few people see since he is so shy. 

This is Leo's 1st movie.  He & Felix were about 8 months old.

Deb introduces you to 5 of her 6 rescue kitties.  Leo was too shy to be filmed.

Dis is me just a Tossin' and a Turnin'  Hehe


Dis is me in mah Bee suit for Halloween.  I looks purr-ty Spooktacular!


Dis is me in da Motorhome.  I gots bored so had to do sometin...

Dis wuz da twip we took to Ohio. It's Mozart, Ethel & Me!


Dis is me purrin....den I eated da camera! Hehe


Dis is me helpin Momsie pay da bills....


Dis is Mozie... He got caught in the act!