Penguin Couple<br>In Wreath<br>and 5 Hearts

Penguin Couple
In Wreath
and 5 Hearts

New! Limited Edition! OAK

It’s Christmas time for Petey & Polly Penguin!
This ornament makes a great personalized gift & ornament for a family of 5 or 7. The parents names can go on the hat with the children on the hearts. It can also be utilized as I have done in the photo for grandparents.

This ornament is hand made by me and is part of my limited edition series which is why it is more expensive. Right now there is just the one available. The wreath is glittered for just the right amount of sparkle.
Comes complete with a hook and satin ribbon for hanging.

Measures approximately 5" H x 3.5" W
POLYMER CLAY - Matte Finish

All ornaments are hand made and may vary from the photograph. I volunteer and work with the SPCA. I currently have 6 rescued cats and one rescued dog. Needless to say my house is full of cat and dog hair so it is almost impossible to keep it out of the clay so there may be an occasional cat hair or dust particle in the clay. I consider this to be part of what gives my work character.
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Left Hat:
Right Hat:
Top Left Heart:
Middle Left Heart:
Small Center Heart:
Top Right Heart:
Middle Right Heart:
Large Bottom Heart:
  • Small Center Heart:
  • Top Right Heart: